Gamer+ News August 26, 2022 from hairylarry's blog

Inspired Unreality! Open game chat. Saturday morning at 11:00 Central. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unrealiy is held in the gamerplus chat rooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Go here for more info and a link.

Next Saturday the topic will be fantasy and science fiction.

We had family game last Saturday with DM Carl, Courtney, Emily, Connor, Hairy Larry, and Vivian. I was having too much fun gaming with my grandkids to follow Vivian's lead into a much more creative ending. She was Clair the Cleric and she was converting the Spider Monsters. But we killed them first.

Not really my style. I find dice marathon combat boring but like I said I was right in there with the rest of the fighters. I do have to say the spiders had kidnapped the farmers son. They weren't really good spiders. But I need to pay closer attention to Vivian's lead. She comes up with the best stuff.

I'm back in school with three projects under way.

I am rehearsing for a jazz recital with five of my original songs. Bebop Beatniks at the Craighead Forest Bandshell. We will be livestreaming the band rehearsals and the performance plus videos and an album. At least that's the plan.

I wrote two woodwind quintet pieces last term and the Astate woodwind quintet, the Howling Winds, is going to play them. They have a bari sax instead of a bassoon so that will take a few adjustments.

We are working with the trombone studio this term as part of our composition lessons. I'm going to do an arrangement of "Bunnies" for a jazz band with a trombone front line.


Talking to Megan she told me many indie authors are doing audiobooks of their own work and posting them on Youtube. So I thought I could do that with my stories. I could even take some printouts along when we're Guerilla Livestreaming Scenic Northeast Arkansas and Guerilla Livestream some audiobooks.


What have you got in the oven? Inquiring minds want to know. My contact info is below or better yet post to Gamer+.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

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