This is group for OSR Community here on Gamersplus.
47 members
Writing Modules and Module Assets
A place to discuss the fine art of creating modules. Please post links to your modules, text from modules in progress, ideas you've been thinking about, etc. Also post art, maps, fonts, stats, and other module assets.
16 members
Development and Testing
A group to discuss Gamer Plus, what works and what could be improved.
15 members
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
A place to discuss Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Mutant Crawl Classics and DCC Lankhmar by Goodman Games as well as related third party products. 
15 members
Inspired Unreality
A group for the Gamer+ Inspired Unreality open game chat at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord where anything gaming is always on topic. Come chat every Monday at 9:00 PM CT.
12 members
If You Play You Win
Gamer+ Actual Play Podcast. In a nutshell: One offs Pregens Anyone can jump in (up to the table limit) Three hour game time recommended Rotating DMs volunteer to run games. The DM chooses the system, the date and time in coordination with Gamer+ and Tenkar's Tavern. Here's the mecha...
12 members
5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
Chat up and offer ideas, plots, monsters and items for this version of the game! Be nice! Have Fun!
11 members
Board Games
Let's talk about our favorite board and card games  
10 members
Wild Games Productions
A place for all things WGP, from the podcasts we do, to the material we produce!
9 members
Solo Tabletop Games
A group to discuss solo tabletop gaming.
8 members
Antipodean Fantasy
A place for our games, thoughts and shenanigans to do with Fantasy themed games
8 members
Antipodean Super Heroes
A place for our games, thoughts and shenanigans to do with Super Hero themed games
8 members
Related To Geeks Book Club
A monthly discussion and podcast focusing on a single book.  CriteriaFantasy or Science Fiction.Not too long.Free to download or readily available.Variety from month to month.Occasional big names. (But not always) We will meet on Inspired Unreality on the 3rd Monday of the month starting Janu...
8 members
OSR and NSR memes
Don't let your (old/new school role-playing) memes be dreams. Post them here and lets all have a laugh.
7 members
Palladium Megaverse Role-Players
Heya there, everyone! I'm SethmoThePoet, and this is my little Group based around games made by Palladium Books. Since TheEvilDM's reviews on Palladium were what drew me to his channel (and Gamer+ by extension), I was surprised to see that no Palladium group existed yet. I'm hoping to fix that here....
7 members
Rules Lite
Discussion on games that have very light rule sets.
6 members
Fan discussions of Rolemaster, all versions from MERP to the latest playtest and public beta of RMu.
5 members
King Arthur Pendragon
A group celebrating Greg Stafford's masterpiece RPG. For Arthur & Glory!
5 members
If you're a GM, a Player, or a Fan of Superheroic TTRPGs... Welcome Aboard.
5 members
Mongoose Traveller 1e
Coffee talk about traveller in the OTU or YTU
5 members
Tales Of Milyagon
The Tales Of Milyagon group is where we write stories about Milyagon, a fantasy locale originally developed by Vivian and myself. As a starting point here's a link to the "Milyagon Players Handbook". If you are a DM there is also a Milyago...
4 members
Miniatures Wargames
For fans of tabletop miniatures wargames, whether you're into historicals, sci-fi, or fantasy.
4 members
3D Printing
Show off your miniatures, props, scenery, and terrain. Share tips and links to diy info and downloadable STL files. Photo by CarlHeyl.
4 members
Antipodean SCI-FI
A place for our games, thoughts and shenanigans to do with Sci-fi themed games
3 members
Wizards and Heroes
A group to talk about the Wizards and Heroes role playing game.
2 members
Chronicles Of Ember
The furriest most dangerous RPG you've ever played. Recommended for players 18+.
2 members
Tabletop Inspiration
This is a group for sharing pictures that can inspire ideas for places and characters in tabletop role-playing games.  Come share your most inspiring images, with or without commentary as you see fit!
2 members
Just Quest
Just Quest is an extremely simple old school role playing game based on Carl Heyl's Wizards and Heroes requiring only d6 and d20 dice to play. It is rules light relying on DM adjudication. Any OSR source books may be used and spells, modules, monsters, and characters are easily adapted to this syste...
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