Gamer+ News September 30, 2022 from hairylarry's blog

Inspired Unreality, now on a twice a month schedule, will be held at 11:00 AM Central, on Saturday, October 1. Since it's the first Saturday of the month our topic will be fantasy and science fiction.

It's a big topic and one we love to talk about. If you're into novels, short stories, movies, television series, or games, if it's fantasy and science fiction it's on topic. Let us know what you think about the new stuff or the old stuff. For more info and a link go here.

I write super shorts. The thing I like about super shorts is that you can finish a story in one sitting. Here's one of my favorites.

Hegel, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein
by Larry Heyl

It was my brother Jeff who was the doer. Always making things, working on this or that, good at math and physics in school.

I was the thinker. Always gazing off into the distance pondering the big questions. What is life? What is death? What is man? What is woman?

It’s that last one that really puzzled me. Jeff got married, started his own business, got rich. I got tongue tied around girls, took a philosophy degree, and had an income commensurate with my degree. I check the want ads daily. Never have I seen Philosopher Needed - Top Dollar.

So I never understood why the aliens abducted me. It was Jeff they wanted. They must have got their wires crossed.

Now I’m not gay but I didn’t mind the anal probe so much. Learning the alien language wasn’t too bad either. They put a silver disc on my forehead and I started talking to them. It was the interview that really got them.

They kept asking about stuff I didn’t know, technology, armaments, rocket ships, manufacturing. I wasn’t much help. But I gave them a good dose of Hegel, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein. I don’t think they were ready for that. They started babbling. They sent me up the ladder. I kept expounding and their confusion deepened. Evidently philosophy wasn’t their strong suit. Like I said they got the wrong guy.

They could only deal with me for so long. Before I knew it they had beamed me back home and departed Earth post haste. And that’s how I saved the world with philosophy.

Click the link to see the great public domain art I found to illustrate this story.

I had a composition recital last Monday. It was great to perform with Bebop Beatniks again. I livestreamed the show and made a movie.

We will be playing at Blues Fest at the Craighead Forest Bandshell on October 9. Here's the schedule.

2:00 PM Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians
3:00 PM Bebop Beatniks
4:00 PM In The Gray
5:00 PM Anna and the Tanks

Pics here too.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends. Or maybe they like jazz or science fiction.

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Hairy Larry

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