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After the seventeen people who had been trapped in the mist recovered their senses Caper and Tude looted the big house across the road and (after rolling another one on the Heirlooms table) he found another book. This looked to be a book of Kings with pictures of Kings surrounded by text. It's very fancy. Caper grabs it and takes it back up the hill to Ari. Tude nuzzles Ari's hand.

Caper shows Ari the Book of Kings and Cyndre, the lady boss of the rescued humans, pops over to look. She says, "Oh, aye! I ken him. Old King Cartyr, he died last year."

Ari and Caper look at each other and Caper says, "King Cartyr is legendary. He died 400 years ago."

Cyndri looks up noticing details in Ari's clothing she hadn't see before. Finely woven cloth with rows of silver buttons. She also notices Caper's well made boots, made by the cobbler at Tobbins Shire. She bows to Ari and says, "Sorry, my lady, but I worked in King Cartyr's Castle and he died just last year.

400 years ago, Cyndre and her party left Tobbins Shire and when they crested a ridge they saw a beautiful field covered in mist with an abandoned farmhouse. When they went to see the farmhouse they walked through the mist and that's the last they remember until Ari, Caper, and Tude led them out of the mist and back up to the road.

Ari and Caper have a short confab and decide that there's nothing for it but to take these people back to the shire.

Caper shouts, "Time to eat", thinking they must be hungry if they haven't dined in 400 years and he takes off down the road back to Tobbins Shire singing a merry tune. With Ari's encouragement they follow and Ari and Tude bring up the rear being careful that no children stray from the path.

When they get to the shire Caper takes them all to the Inn where they have a hearty stew. The rescued people still don't believe 400 years passed but they can tell that things are much different then they were when they left Tobbins Shire on what seems to them, just this morning.

Caper arranges for rooms and breakfast. The Inn only has five man size rooms so the two families take a room and the others bunk up 2 or 3 to a room.

Caper takes Ari aside and says, "It's not too late. Let's check Muffins Used Clothes and see if he bought that hat."

They enter the shop and Caper makes inquiries. "Yes, indeed,' says Muffins, "the Sherrif did come buy and I bought his hat." Caper asks the price and pays 4 silver without bartering which kind of bothered Muffins. He's never know a Tobbins to pay asking price once in his life.

Caper also asks about the pony. "Ah yes," said Muffins, "I directed him to Old Took on the south road not a mile from the shire. He may have sold it there. I tell you he looked a sight on that poor little pony."

Caper, thnking of the Jakobs kids and those magic ribbons decided to check on the pony in the morning. Ari and Caper continued on to Caper's Hobbit Hole where they had a nice repast of crab, mutton, and vegetables and decided to end their adventure for the day.

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By hairylarry
Added Mar 11 '22


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