Gamer+ News November 29, 2021 from hairylarry's blog

Tonight on Inspired Unreality we'll have open game chat. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic. We have been working on Caper's Songbook, Ari's medicinal teas, and a dice table of RPG chat topics.

Inspired Unreality is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. For more info and an invite go here.

Next week is the first Monday in December so our topic will be fantasy and science fiction. With all the new releases on video and in the theaters we should have plenty to talk about. Of course, we could also talk about books.

And then, on December 13, VB Wyrde is going to DM a one off in Elthos. The only thing better than talking about RPGs is playing RPGs so we are bringing actual play back to Inspired Unreality. I am also entertaining the idea of guest hosts so if you would like to lead a discussion about your favorite topic let me know and we will schedule you in.

Important Saturdays in December.

Dec 18 - Hairy Larry graduates, again, this time with a Bachelors of Music in Composition.

Dec 25 - Christmas

Jan 1 - New Years Day (ok, not technically in December)

The important thing to note is that this leaves all our Mondays clear for Inspired Unreality. Open game chat will continue on Monday nights through December with no  holiday hiatus necessary.

And now about Thanksgiving.

As noted our family games this Thanksgiving were Doodle Dice and Qwirkle. What games did you play? The comments remain open.

And then immediately following Thanksgiving.

Same players, different game. On Friday it was Theatre of the mind at our house and on Saturday, with miniatures, visiting our Foster kids.

As above the comments remain open for any role playing you experienced over Thanksgiving.

And at the top of the Gamer+ Gamers feed we find Radio Grognard By Glen Hallstrom discussing Be Yourself (or Not).

It's a short listen and well worth it. He discusses distinguishing NPCs. Not all gruff dwarves are the same. Maybe they're worried about their family at home or maybe they've been held prisoner.

This is similar to a couple of things we've been discussing on Inspired Unreality. "Every NPC deserves a Couple of Sentences" and "Are all Taverns the Same?". As a way to distinguish a tavern in a players memory try for some actual color in the barkeep and the barmaid. If your barkeep and barmaid are exactly the same as they were in the last tavern you visited then maybe all your taverns are the same.

In our Friday night family game we visited a tavern and the barkeep was a lady and she was also the mayor of the town and she sent us on a quest. We remember her.

Please forward this email to your gaming friends and share this link.

Hairy Larry

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