The Archive Of The White Master - basic D&D - Session 5 from hairylarry's blog

Session notes for November 11, 2020

Caper buys Ari a horse and a pony for himself for 115 G. Jennifer buys her own horse for 75G. Caper buys tack, a saddlebag and oats and rations for 50G for all horses except Leaf the elf who doesn't need tack. (because elves ride bareback)

We ride north through the woods with the Finch, the raccoon, and Rowan, the dogbear. Leaf carries Finch on his shoulder and Rowan runs beside the horses.

We get back to the Archive quickly and nothing seems changed. Caper checks for traps on the front door but he can't tell anything. Fighter the Cleric opens the door and we move into a round room with doors leading left and right. Leaf looks to the right and sees an large metal box. Caper recognizes it as a safe. He checks for traps but can't tell if the safe is trapped or not.

The safe has buttons numbered 0 - 9 in two rows.

Caper tries 1 2 3 4 5. Doesn't work. You can only depress 4 numbers. Jennifer tries more combinations but doesn't guess right.

Caper looks into the next room. It looks like an office for a guard or a jailor. He reads through some notes and finds some keys.

Caleb - Snuck in the building after dark
Robert - Stole coins from donation
Ezon - Holds all my secrets
Roger - Assaulted scribe

They check the cell. In the office there's a locker with clothes, a backpack, and a sword.

The party discusses the notes as a clues and finally deduces the combination, 8019.

Inside the safe there is a green potion with a note that says the potion is to stop Marusan's life spell. There is also 500 G, 100 each.

The door to the left is locked. Caper couldn't pick it.

Leaf hits the lock with a burst of energy and the door just fades away and disappears.

The circular room to the left has benches around the outside like a waiting room.

In the next room there are two more statues of Moloch made of stone, one to the left and one to the right.

Leaf shoots them with the rod. He sees a real bright light and can't see anything. No one else sees anything. Only Leaf.

After a few minutes Leaf recovers his vision. We continue north into the temple. Marusan is gone! The glass skylight is back! The secret room is empty! In the side rooms the coffins are closed!


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By hairylarry
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