The Archive Of The White Master - basic D&D - Session 4 from hairylarry's blog

The Archive Of The White Master - basic D&D - Session 4
Session notes for October 28, 2020

We loot Marusan and find a pouch.

Fighter the Cleric goes through Marusan's room and finds two magic scrolls.

Jennifer pitches rocks at the two chests to check for traps.

Leaf opens a chest from the back. Magic energy seeks Leaf and he's laying on the ground again.

Fighter the Cleric looks in the chest. There is a short sword and a pile of coins. Fighter heals Leaf.

There is one chest remaining. Everyone except Jennifer leaves the room. When she opens the chest the magic missle hits her. We have no more healing but she takes the damage and remains standing.

In the chest she finds a ring, some coins, and a potion. Fighter the Cleric thinks it's a healing potion.

Total coins from the pouch and both chests.

200 copper
200 silver
200 platinum (5gp each)

We cogitate on how to deal with these weapons and Marusan's corpse.

We slice the tubes in the statue and put Marusan's corpse in it tying it shut just in case he comes back to life while we're in town.

Leaf takes the rod, Pann Severi, a 16 inch magic sceptre.

I wrap the swords and the mace in my blanket and tie the bundle up. Jennifer carries the bundle on her back and we head back to town. Leaf calls his raccoon and leads the way.


We hear another animal in the woods and find another trap. Leaf frees a trapped canine, a dog-bear. We lower him down and he likes us fine. Now we have two wild pets, the raccoon and the dog-bear.


I see clawed goblin tracks like before. We decide to go back to Birkenstock and deal with the goblins later.

We split the coins 5 ways. Each of us gets over 200 gold.

Leaf and Ari study the spell book copying the spells to their books. They are Detect Magic, Light, and Ventriloquism. The supplies for doing this cost them their 200 gold each.

The spells on the scrolls are 2nd level Web and 3rd level Fireball.

Caper talks to father Abraham to get more healing balm. He donates a platinum piece. Father Abraham gives him 4 doses of the balm.

Caper goes to the fletcher's and gets 20 fine arrows for another platinum.

Concerned about the cursed weapons Fighter the Cleric and I talk to Father Abraham at the church. He can remove the curses. First he removes the curse from Fighter the Cleric so she no longer desires the cursed mace. While he does this Caper goes for Jennifer and they bring the bundle of weapons. Father Abraham removes the curse on the mace and the long sword. Caper donates 3 platinum and Fighter the Cleric donates 2 platinum.

Fighter the Cleric buys two fine horses for Leaf and herself.


Salted Caramel

The next day Leaf detects magic auras on the short sword, the long sword, the mace, the ring, and the potion.

We each gain 2000 XP. Caper and Jennifer level up to 2nd level.

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